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Around Oxford

The Westwood Hotel is ideally located as a gateway to some of the country’s greatest tourist attractions.

In addition to the pages above our staff will be delighted to discuss and assist you with planning your visit to the area.

Few cities in the world possess the intellectual riches, romance and dreamy beauty that drift through the dusky, honey-hued limestone streets and alleys of Oxford. The bewitching tangle of scholarly buildings that make up this exceptional medieval city glimmers with soaring spires, heavy-set churches and colleges, wood-panelled libraries, hidden quadrangles and delightfully wonky cobblestoned streets.

The earliest college here dates back to the 1200s and Oxford has been a centre of learning ever since, with the 38 colleges that comprise the University dotted around the city rather than concentrated on one big campus.

Students flit around on scruffy bicycles, while behind the stone façades of the colleges, a prestigious intellectual life thrives with all the associated pomp, ceremony and academic elitism that the University is synonymous with. But while it certainly dominates, Oxford isn’t solely about student life.

Peel back the heavy cloak of tradition, and a more modern side of the city reveals itself in cool little bars, pretty cafés and elegant restaurants. The gracefully curving High Street has been mostly cleared of traffic and cleaned up to reinstate it as the nexus of urban life... and a beautiful one at that.

Oxford is one of the most enjoyable places in Europe to spend a weekend: it’s romantic, eccentric, undemanding, intriguing, and offers a wonderful blend of gentle rural relaxation and low-pressure city life. Where else can you take a punt along a river in the morning, explore a historic library in the afternoon, and drink in Tolkien’s favourite pub in the evening? Weekend here and you’ll never forget it.


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